Making sustainability operational by providing effortless solutions for carbon management

Copenhagen, Denmark
Revenue size
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 2.2 million
Magnus Maduro Nørbo, Nicolai Guldager, Lilian Chiu, Anne Strøh
Most relevant investors
Vaekstfonden, Danish Business Angels, The Footprint Firm
Team size



Commercial Real Estate owners are considered by the business community to be highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The group faces a changing landscape of compliance requirements and regulations pertaining to sustainability, as well as increasing demands in terms of environmental impact and responsible industry from contractors, legislators and investors.


Legacy’s CO2e accounting platform allows commercial Real Estate owners to easily track carbon emissions and report on their portfolio with confidence. Their software measures, calculates, and reports climate impacts and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This helps business owners, accountants, sustainability experts, and large corporations in carbon dioxide (CO2) accounting. It is fully auditable and transparent, so companies can export data that is reliable and comply with new and changing reporting regulations.


Legacy’s customers include some of the largest pension funds and commercial real estate companies in Denmark, including PFA Pension, Fokus Asset Management, ATP Properties, and others.

With a strong customer base in the Danish market, Legacy is focusing on strengthening their position in the broader Nordic market, as well as establishing brand presence and key partnerships in the UK.


Magnus Nørbo founded Legacy in 2019 while working as a sustainability consultant, where he discovered an opportunity to automate carbon accounting processes that would save countless hours of manual work. Shortly after, he decided to leave his job as a consultant and focus on fostering this promising idea.

Within a year, the Legacy team grew to five like-minded, dedicated and passionate co-founders. After securing a funding round, Legacy was able to expand further and bring on more people who share the company’s original vision of sustainability and excitement for developing groundbreaking software for our climate’s future.

Unique selling point

Legacy’s methodology and calculations are based on the GHG Protocol which ensures adherence to rigorous sustainability principles, complete transparency, and fully auditable emissions data. In combination, this simplifies the carbon accounting process and complies with EU directives, ultimately de-risking your real estate portfolios.

Asia Connection

The commercial real estate industry accounts for 7% of all global emissions. Real estate owners around the world, including in East Asia, will need to understand the climate related impacts of their buildings and ensure their assets do not turn into a liability. Legacy is looking for funding and partners throughout the East Asian region.