Within the next couple of months, we are launching a digital showroom for 200 Nordic and Baltic startups with a specific focus on East Asia.

All startups will be presented in the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages, and with profiles specifically adapted to an Asian context. For inspiration, check out our sector reports produced by Innovation Lab Asia.

Please note: Your presence on this platform does not require you to scale to Asia. However, you should be willing to interact with East Asian investors. 

East Asian investors are mainly interested in startups with a certain level of maturity. Therefore, consider the following before proceeding: 

  • Do you have a product or a solution that was launched more than  6 months ago? 
  • Do you have an English-language homepage?
  • Do you have marketing material in English? 
  • Do you have resources available to  interact with global and Asian stakeholders?

Click below to sign up via Typeform if you’re still interested.

The project is funded by the Danish Industry Foundation. Learn more here.