About us

We connect Nordic startups and investors with East Asian Venture Capital

Nordic Asian Venture Alliance (NAVA) seeks to address two complementary issues in the Danish startup ecosystem: Lack of funding for larger investment rounds (Series A and above) and lack of access to East Asian funding and market opportunities.

Danish VC funds are relatively small, and Danish startups often struggle to raise larger investment rounds in Denmark. East Asia is home to the largest and most internationalized investor ecosystem in Asia, and second only to the USA. Presently, Asian investments to the Nordics are growing rapidly, though mainly to Finland and Estonia.

By strengthening the connectivity between Danish, Nordic and East Asian investors, NAVA will also strengthen the ability of Danish and Nordic startups in accessing the large and fast-growing Asian markets.

The NAVA project is a collaboration between Asia House, TechBBQ, Copenhagen Capacity and Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai and Seoul, and is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation.

NAVA will be building on the insights and network established by Innovation Lab Asia and showcase up to 200 Nordic startups to Asian stakeholders in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. The project will also engage and interact directly with the investor community.


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