The Nordic Asian Venture Alliance (NAVA) seeks to increase the flow of East Asian venture capital into the Nordic Baltic region, both as direct investments into startups and new partnerships between
Nordic VC’s and East Asian LP’s.

Who we are

NAVA seeks to increase the flow of East Asian venture capital into the Nordics, both as direct investments and by creating new partnerships between Nordic VCs and East Asian LPs.

We are a collaboration between Asia House, TechBBQ, Copenhagen Capacity and the Danish Innovation Centres in Shanghai and Seoul.

We are supported by the Danish Industry Foundation and thus non-profit. All our work is open source and free of charge.

What we believe in

Though we have Danish roots, we are firmly committed to the Nordic vision, and deeply embedded in the Nordic community.

Nordic collaboration is paramount in an Asian context. East Asian investors are increasingly looking to Europe for new opportunities, but only by presenting ourselves with a united front can we hope to compete with large hubs in the UK, Germany and France.

For this reason we define the Nordic region broadly, and invite startups and investors from the Baltic region to join.


Advisory Board

Crowberry Capital

Helga Valfells

Founding Partner


Tommy Andersen

Managing Partner

VÅR Ventures

Mette Fløe Nielsen

General Partner

Nordic Ninja

Tomosaku Sohara

Managing Partner

Ascend Capital Partners

Colin Powrie

Managing Director

SNÖ Ventures

Teodor Bjerrang

Founding Partner

Christian Jølck

Partner and Co-Founder

Tera Ventures

Andrus Oks

Founding Partner

Nordic Makers

Martin von Haller



NAVA and Nordic Innovation House Tokyo put together a fantastic itinerary

Prateek Singh



NAVA managed to secure meetings with high-level executives from top-tier partners, and gave us an excellent intro to the Japanese market!

Matthew Liptrot

Head of Data & Analytics


We connected with a major Japanese company that seems to be the right partner for us

Motoo Toyama

Country Manager


NAVA gave us a unique opportunity to network with Nordic peers and Japanese leads.

Andre Stadelmann



An excellent experience, providing deep insights about the Japanese market!

Andres Mellik


CoNurse, Estonia

Thanks to the support from NAVA we’ll now be able to scale up our smart city analytics to a new market

Hendrik Hundt


Rexplorer, Estonia

The trip organized by NAVA was an eye-opening experience that solidified our confidence in the potential for a successful business in Japan.

Eljas Saastamoinen


Bitwards, Finland

The NAVA delegation kick-started the process of connecting us to the right people in Japan.

Terje Eichelmann

Co-founder & CCO / COO

LightCode Photonics, Estonia

The trip to Tokyo was eye-opening in the best sense. We got a direct insight into the Japanese technology sector and met a lot of industry stakeholders as well.

Sander Sein

Project Manager

GScan , Estonia

NAVA has done a fantastic job organising the Healthtech delegation, which has opened plenty of doors to access the Japanese market. 

Kushagr Punyani

Board Member, Founding Partner

Spermosens AB, Sweden

NAVA’s brand is strong in Japan, and helps Nordic Ninja reach out to a broader Japanese community

Tomosaku Sohara

Founding Partner

Nordic Ninja, Japan

The work NAVA provides to further the New Nordics is great, and has helped Invest in Skåne gained new insights and contacts

Olof Tedin

Invest Advisor

Invest in Skåne

NAVA has provided immense value for us and we cannot be more grateful. I would highly recommend start-up founders using NAVA.

Nicholas Orsini


The Plant Era - Denmark

We highly value NAVA’s role as a bridge between Nordic and Asian companies

Theis Jensen


Sani Nudge - Denmark

The visit to Tokyo was truly exceptional! I have been part of similar initiatives before, but never experienced such level of quality.

Andrus Oks

Founding Partner

Tera Ventures - Estonia

Exceptional Tokyo trip with NAVA visiting both current and prospective LP’s

Tommy Andersen

Managing Partner

byFounders - Denmark

NAVA is important for Investment Promotion Agencies like Oslo Business Region. NAVA strengthens our competitive advantage.

Tonje Ørnholt

Head of Investment

Oslo Business Region

NAVA is truly committed to the New Nordic vision, and offers concrete value for all the players in our ecosystem

Lauri Määttänen

Program Manager

Business Helsinki