We connect Nordic startups and investors with East Asian Venture Capital

This is how we do it…:

  • We connect Nordic VCs to East Asian investors and Limited Partners.
  • We connect Nordic VCs to Nordic peers with Asian network and experience
  • We showcase Nordic startups to Asian stakeholders in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean
  • We facilitate connectivity between Nordic and Asian stakeholders

This project is based on the learnings from the Innovation Lab Asia project:

Sign up below if you are:

  • A Nordic startup looking for showcasing and exposure in Asia, free of charge.
  • A Nordic investor looking to connect with other Nordic peers with a business interest in Asia.
  • A Nordic investor looking to connect with East Asian investors or Limited Partners.
  • A Nordic cluster or community organization looking to help your members connect with Asia.
  • 如果您是希望与北欧初创企业, 投资者或其他利益相关者建立联系的中国投资者或有限合伙人, 欢迎您随时联系我们。
  • 北欧のスタートアップ、投資家、その他ステークホルダーとつながりたい日本の投資家やLPの皆様、どうぞお気軽にご連絡ください。
  • 노르딕 스타트업, 투자자 또는 다른 이해관계자를 찾으시는 동아시아의 투자자와 유한 책임 파트너 분들께서는 부담없이 연락해주시기 바랍니다.

Our partners

NAVA is a project collaboration between Asia House, TechBBQ, Copenhagen Capacity and Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai and Seoul, and is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation. NAVA builds on the insights and network established by Innovation Lab Asia. Most of the team were deeply involved in Innovation Lab Asia. Pleased to meet you again 🙂

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