An award-winning cloud-based Construction Management Software that offers real-time solutions to real-time problems

Helsinki, Finland
Revenue size
EUR 499,999 - 1 million
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 1 Million
Bhargav Dave, Stefan Boddy, Martin Zilliacus
Most relevant investors
Relab, Garu Investments, Business Finland
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According to a McKinsey report, productivity within construction has been stagnant or declining in Japan and other advanced economies over the past 20 years. Many construction firms have adopted BIM (Building Inofrmation Modeling) to improve efficiency, but are struggling to realise its full potential in terms of increased efficiency.


VisiLean has developed a cloud-based project management platform that streamlines all aspects of construction projects based on the Lean principles, a methodology designed to maximise productivity and minimise cost. The platform improves efficiency and enables a holistic digital transformation of contractors and subcontractors.

The platform digitalises the entire construction project life cycle, making it possible for all stakeholders – contractors, clients, consultants and designers – to connect through desktop browsers and mobile apps, and visually manage and track the project. VisiLean integrates the entire value chain, from how things are built to what is being built, so the plan and the actual progress can be easily visualised.

Customers adopting VisiLean’s solutions report a 60% reduction in defects, a 43% improvement in program efficiency and achieved a 90% average PPC over 5 weeks.


VisiLean’s customers include global companies like Mace, ALEC, GallifordTry. VisiLean is utilized across 15 countries, and is expanding every month. VisiLean supports 9 different languages currently.

Unique selling point

Built with the end-user in mind, VisiLean enables you to;
- Bridge the gap between the site and the office
-Communicate across multiple teams and contractors in real-time
-Understand the flow of work across the whole project
-Track progress and issues by the second
-Access live information at all times
-Make effective decisions to achieve your project goals.

Asia Connection

VisiLean is already being used in the UK, Ireland, Middle East, India and USA. They are now looking to expand into East Asia. VisiLean is presently in dialogue with two major Japanese construction companies, and are looking to further expand their client base.