Developing and delivering patient-centric communication solutions within digital health

Aarhus & Copenhagen, Denmark
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Anders Nejsum
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More than 50% of patients have difficulties understanding health information. Prominent research shows that poorly informed patients are associated with poorer health outcomes.

Unprepared and stressed patients are more expensive for hospitals, as they typically have longer hospitalizations, and thus require intensive staff resources in terms of needing more care and making more contacts after discharge. Furthermore, they have in general higher levels of cancellations and readmissions and they produce more complaints.


In close collaboration with clinical experts, Visikon has developed an award-winning digital health educator, My Treatment™, that helps patients navigate their personal journey through the healthcare system. The app provides just-in-time information with an adaptive notification system and comes with clinically validated content including options of in-app patient surveys, implementation support and monthly data monitoring.

My Treatment™ serves as a personal and treatment-specific information portal – from the hospital or healthcare provider to the patient or citizen. It uses a visual language to educate and notify on everything – before, during and after treatment.


Visikon’s current key customers include 40 hospital departments and 10 municipalities in Denmark, as well as key actors within the Danish pharma industry. Recently they have secured their first orders in Germany and Switzerland and are conducting a POC in France. Additionally they are experiencing interest from the UK, USA, Oman, Israel, Spain and Brazil.


The team behind Visikon consists of diverse industry expertise; from clinicians, health anthropologists, and animation designers to computer scientists, product designers, and innovation and business developers. The management team is headed by three persons. Anders Nejsum, is the CEO and founder, Lars Bo Kirk is working Chairman of the board and former CEO and founder of Friday, a top Danish communication bureau with 50 employees, and Søren Boutrup, the Director of Global Sales, and previous founder of Early Warning Europe, an international organization with more than 1000 employees across 11 countries.

Unique selling point

Visikon fights the increasing cost of the healthcare sector by releasing the patients’ resources through digital health communication everyone on Earth understands

Asia Connection

Visikon’s main connection to Asia comes through Søren Boutrup, who in the period 2018-2020 was heading the Danish Innovation Centre in Shanghai. Visikon is currently exploring the markets of Japan, South Korea, China, and Thailand, in which they are looking for clients and funding.