Varig Technologies

Automatically collecting, calculating, and presenting buildings’ sustainability data and generating reports for financial and regulatory compliance

Oslo, Norway
Revenue size
EUR 500,000 - 999,999
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 4,000,000
Renate Straume, Yngve Tvedt/Norselab
Most relevant investors
Angel Investors, Founders Team and Key Employees, Impact Investors, International Venture Capital Funds
Team size


With buildings generating nearly 40 % of all global CO2-emissions, the commercial property industry is increasingly under scrutiny. Financial institutions are depreciating assets that are not meeting the rising sustainability standards, and governments are imposing regulations to enforce sustainable change. However, accessing and making use of a building’s data for actionable measures, and reporting these compliantly, has always been a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Automated systems are needed to gather and handle data for corporate decisions.


Varig enables asset owners and asset managers to leverage business value from a more sustainable portfolio. Varig’s software automatically collects and compiles both the embodied and operational data of users’ buildings to provide users with a holistic and intelligible overview of their environmental performance. By converting all emissions data into comparable CO2-equivalents, their software gives users the insights they need to work systematically and strategically with sustainability, and compare KPIs, single assets and entire portfolios to identify the most impactful measures for users’ operation.


Varig’s key customers are medium sized companies from Scandinavia and Central Europe who have just initiated their journey towards greater sustainability. One of Varig’s clients recently received a higher valuation on their building because they could document their sustainability measures and improvements, on the basis of Varig’s solution.


Varig’s operating team consists of a highly diverse group of individuals with supplementing competencies, including building and construction management, building physics, Breeam, data science, product dev, deep tech, finance and marketing and communications.

Unique selling point

Varig is a complete sustainability platform that empowers building owners,managers andusers by automatically collecting, calculating and presenting the buildings’ sustainability data. Varig generates automated reports for their financial and regulatory compliance, and connects goals and measures to improve with the measured data.

Asia Connection

Varig has connections in both Japan and China, through having participated in ALPS (Austrian leadership program) with Miho Tanaka and Emily Xu. They are looking to strengthen their Asian presence, and are actively looking for distribution partners and clients from across the East Asian region.



Varig Technologies