Meili Robots

Offering the next-generation fleet management system (FMS) for mobile robots.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Revenue size
EUR 2,500 (recently commercialized)
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 350,000
Aldus von der Burg
Most relevant investors
KG42, TK Ventures
Team size


With the global market for mobile robots projected to reach the size of EUR 63.22 billion by 2030 (growing at a CAGR of 21%), interoperability between robot types and brands is a growing concern. More users are diversifying their fleets for different applications and operations. Unfortunately, these robots can not interact with each other, causing delays in operations, accidents, and collisions, which ultimately increases costs and decreases ROI, while diminishing safety and efficiency. There is an urgent need for a universal solution for the robots to function collectively while giving managers an overview to effectively manage the fleet.


Meili Robots has developed a universal fleet management system (FMS) that is capable of collating all types and brands of mobile robots onto one platform. Meili FMS comes with 3 key features: 1) Task Allocation to manage all aspects of automated and non-automated assignments; 2) Traffic Control to predict real-time bottlenecks and regulate traffic at intersections; 3) Route Planning to streamline productivity and prevent obstructions or delays. The solution also enables users to seamlessly integrate with third-party systems (e.g. warehouse management systems) with intuitive UI.


Meili Robots are unable to reveal their current customers due to their request, however, they can confirm that they include two OEMs of robots for specific applications (3PL, and retail), with one of the most recent customers being an integrator and developer of mobile robots in Southeast Asia. Their inbound sales requests are frequently from North America and East Asia.


Behind Meili Robots is a team of technologists, creative problem solvers, and business thinkers, seeking to orchestrate the chaos in the mobile robot industry.

Unique selling point

There is a growing need in the market for enablers of robot operations for either mixed or single vendor fleets. Meili Robots ensures that users of the robots are achieving their maximum potential productivity.

Asia Connection

Meili Robots’ most recent customer and integrator is based in Vietnam. The company considers this connection as the first step in their endeavor to conquer the Asian market. The Asien market is one of the largest markets for mobile robots based on the count of robots being deployed. Thus, Meili Robots considers the Asian market as a great opportunity for implementing their solution, thanks to the rapid adoption rate of mobile robots on the end user side.

Furthermore, the Asian market has recently seen a significant increase in companies that are producing and developing mobile robots. This development is very compatible with Meili Robots’ solution, as they have experienced many robot developers spending many resources on R&D for the deployment of their robots, but overlook the software side of the robot, where Meili Robots can add value to these developers.



Meili Robots