Disrupting car inspection using innovative AI technology.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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0 (pre-revenue)
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 550,000
Isabella Merrild Agdestein, Pritam Bolenwar, Nishchith Uchil
Most relevant investors
Lottrup & Co, Roeland Hofkens. Grant: InnoBooster, InnoFounder
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Shared mobility is on the rise, yet the final inspection and handover process is often time consuming and error-prone, with undetected damages transferred to the next user. This results in a low level of trust and transparency when renting, leasing or sharing a car, which is a major barrier for the adoption of shared mobility.


Combining powerful intelligent technology and superior user experience, FocalX removes the issues within car handover processes. FocalX has developed a solution that automatically detects damage to the car. The user simply allows the app to guide her to take images uncovering the car 360 degrees and the interior parts. In a matter of seconds, an objective and detailed inspection report is generated, highlighting the new damage to the car.

By providing a SaaS solution, FocalX solves the problems businesses face concerning inefficiency, low transparency and lack of trust whenever cars are handed over. This way they support car rentals, leasers, car sharing companies and others in delivering a safe and more transparent solution to their customers.


FocalX mainly provides solutions for car rentals, leasing and car sharing companies. FocalX has already partnered with global companies in more than 70 countries.


Behind FocalX is a strong team of engineers with many years of experience within the industry, and deep industry insights from working closely with inspection companies. The founding members have worked at companies such as Maersk, Lionsgate and Implement Consulting before starting FocalX, and are highly diverse in terms of professional background, nationality and gender.

Unique selling point

FocalX is creating the safest and most transparent platform for vehicle inspection solutions. It enables a more efficient utilization of resources in the automotive space by ensuring increased levels of trust in the car handover process. The solution can be accessed from any device anywhere in the world, decentralizing the inspection process by distributing it to the users.

Asia Connection

Two out of three co-founders are Indian, and they are currently in the process of establishing an Indian subsidiary as their tech development is also situated there. They are looking for funding, talent and R&D throughout the East Asian Region.