Developing a proprietary portfolio of drugs focused on epithelial dysfunction within chronic airway diseases, particularly Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Reykjavík, Iceland
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EUR 31.7 million
Friðrik Runar Garðarsson
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ABC Venture ehf. (Iceland), The EIC Fund (EU), Flerie Invest AB (Sweden), Idunn fund slhf. (Iceland)
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COPD is a progressive airway disease and one of the most costly and burdensome conditions in healthcare globally. It afflicts more than a quarter of a billion people, leading to more than 3 million deaths every year. Currently, there is no cure for the disease and present COPD therapies are predominantly inhaled, mainly offering symptomatic relief, rather than altering the progression of the disease. Thus, there is a significant unmet medical need for effective therapies in COPD.


EpiEndo is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing a proprietary portfolio of therapies to address the huge global burden of chronic respiratory diseases. With more than a decade of research into COPD, the team behind EpiEndo has achieved unique insights into inflammatory processes. Lead drug candidate, EP395, aims to be the first on-market oral, barrier strengthening, anti-inflammatory macrolide for the treatment of COPD. Although technically a macrolide, EP395 has reduced antibiotic effect, making it non-AMR provoking.


As a clinical stage pharmaceutical company, EpiEndo does not currently have any products on the market. However, it has a prominent Scientific Advisory Board, which includes notable experts in respiratory medicine from across Europe and the US, such as Professor Clive Page, Professor Dave Singh, Professor Peter Barnes, and more.


EpiEndo is semi-virtual, with an experienced core team based across Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. It currently has 20 full-time employees, 10 part-time contractors and a number of consultants, CROs and service providers that support various activities.

Unique selling point

EpiEndo has a unique approach to drug development for chronic inflammatory diseases, focusing on enhanced epithelial integrity and regeneration to prevent exacerbations and reduce inflammation.

EpiEndo’s lead compound, EP395, aims to be the first recommended ORAL treatment for COPD.

Asia Connection

COPD and other Chronic Airway Diseases (CAD) are highly prevalent in Asia. Macrolides are well known, used, and studied in Japan in particular, as the most effective form of treatment.

EpiEndo is looking for potential investors for its upcoming Series B round, and potential partners within the pharmaceutical industry, to help it take its lead candidate through Phase 2 clinical studies. EpiEndo is also open to early out-licensing deals other compounds towards non-respiratory diseases like the GI tract and skin.