Building digital health solutions for healthcare staff and patients with a focus on improving guidelines adherence, enhancing care quality, and patient safety across the care continuum.

Talinn, Estonia
Revenue size
EUR 100,000 - 499,999
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 700,000
Andres Mellik
Most relevant investors
Johns Hopkins University, EASME-EU, 500 Startups, Dreamit Ventures, Jumpstart Foundry, EIT Health
Team size


Four out of 10 patients are harmed in care settings, often because healthcare workers fail to comply with clinical protocols. Hospitals attempt to solve the problem by developing guidelines but struggle to integrate them into clinical workflows. Most often the guidelines are inaccessible at the point of care, or hard to follow and understand due to complex workflows and information overload.


CoNurse, is a voice-guided protocol adherence and deployment application that improves quality and standardization of healthcare. CoNurse supports staff by providing step-by-step, institution-specific guidelines for clinical protocols and workflows for non-routine procedures and emergency situations, significantly reducing preventable adverse events, the main non-reimbursable cost driver in healthcare.

CoNurse has the potential to significantly reduce the costs for healthcare systems e.g., it has shown to reduce nurses’ induction time from 15 to 3 days and cost by 80%. CoNurse initiates guidance based on a number of continuously monitored parameters, such as care pathway complexity, staff experience, hospital complication rates, instead of manually choosing guidelines in a static environment as is the current standard in nursing


CoNurse's primary clients are medical centers and schools worldwide, looking to reduce medical errors and non-reimbursable costs, and make onboarding of junior staff more time and cost-effective. CoNurse is already present in 9 countries, and the mobile application is readily available on App Store and Google Play.


CoNurse team brings together international expertise from digital health, IT, health sciences and marketing. CEO Andres Mellik is a digital health entrepreneur with experience in e-learning and embedded systems design. Senior analyst Karmen Markov has research experience in neuroimaging and marketing. In addition, CoNurse enjoys a close collaboration with nurses to ensure that the solutions are relevant and applicable in the frontline.

Unique selling point

Unlike existing solutions, CoNurse focuses on making clinical guidelines actionable and accessible at the point of care, and allows tailoring guidelines to specific institutions.

Asia Connection

CoNurse is looking for funding, distribution partners, clients, and R&D capabilities. By entering the East Asian market, CoNurse would be able to widen their investment strategy and increase scaling opportunities.