Blue Lobster

A procurement tool connecting sustainable fishermen with their customers.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Revenue size
EUR 10,000 - 99,999
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 800,000
Christine Hebert, Nima Tisdall
Most relevant investors
Team size


Sourcing seafood directly from fishermen is complicated and admin-intensive. Blue Lobsteers solution eases this burden by automating the manual tasks (ie., reporting the catch the local ministry) and allows easy communication of orders between fisherman and buyer.

One of the biggest barriers to working directly with the fishermen is that the first buyer must be registered with the fishing ministry and report their purchase as the first buyer of fish.


Blue Lobster’s app allows buyers (primarily wholesalers) to aggregate their customer orders in Blue Lobster’s system. Subsequently, local fishermen get noticed of these orders, and can thus claim and fulfill the orders. When a fish is sold through Blue Lobster’s platform, the purchase is automatically logged with the fishing ministry (through an API integration), and a purchase note and delivery note are automatically generated.

Their tech also allows buyers to communicate their orders to the fishermen. This means that the fishermen know ahead of time what is in demand, and know what is pre-sold. Blue Lobster take a monthly subscription fee from the buyer for using their tool, a transaction fee on the fish they purchase, and a transaction fee on the sales made through their app.


Currently, Blue Lobster are working with two buyers in Denmark, one in Germany, and are in the process of onboarding two in Sweden. They are working with 15 fishermen in Denmark and Sweden. Furthermore, they have 144 restaurants in the Copenhagen area on the restaurant-facing app that Copenhagen-based buyers uses to collect orders from their customers.


Blue Lobster is managed by the two co-founders, Christine and Nima. Christine has worked with data analytics for in excess of eight years. She has been engaged with three startups, two of which as a part of the founding team. Nima has been involved in startups and strategic growth for 10 years and is recognized on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and as an Obama Fellow.

Unique selling point

Blue Lobster’s app allows for a more sustainable fishing industry, securing fair conditions for the fishermen and high quality, fresh seafood for private and professional customers.

Blue Lobster facilitate a direct connection between fish buyer and fishermen, and they ensure traceability and that every fish is properly reported at the point of purchase. Their mission is to move the industry towards more sustainable practices by making it easy to work directly with sustainable fishermen.

Asia Connection

Blue Lobster is looking to boost their internationalization efforts, and are looking for distribution partners, clients and funding from across the East Asian region.



Blue Lobster