Arctic Farming

Bringing NASA Vertical Farming technology to hotels and restaurants with an appliance that grows fresh herbs and specialty crops.

Espoo, Finland
Revenue size
EUR 27.000
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 500.000
Oliver Rotko, Daniel Rotko
Most relevant investors
Henrik Poulsen, Petri Heino, Tomas Lönnberg
Team size


Restaurants rely on complex supply chains for their ingredients, and are often limited in access to quality ingredients based on region, location and season. This can force them to purchase sub-par ingredients or face restrictions for specialty dishes.


Arctic Farming’s core product is a fridge-sized unit that autonomously grows fresh herbs and specialty crops for hotels and restaurants based on NASA technology. It maintains the perfect growing environment based on the plant type, providing customers access to fresh ingredients year-round, with no other requirements than an electricity-plug and water. The product has been designed with future space applications in mind, and the company aspires to grow food for astronauts in the future.


Primarily leasing their product to customers, Arctic Farming is focusing on the B2B “HoReCa” industry. After having piloted successfully in Finland, they will be taking orders in the Nordics in early 2024. The highly specialized growing environment has also stirred interest and created demand from research institutions, with two customers in Finland, and more collaborations in the EU on the way.


Arctic Farming consists of a team of five experts, each bringing different expertise that covers the fields of Microbiology, Space Systems, Electronic Engineering, Autonomous Systems, Embedded Development, Business Development, B2B Sales and Marketing.

Unique selling point

Arctic Farming’s farming wall combines a unique technology, form factor and premium user experience. The patent-pending, vertical cultivation system offers exceptional ergonomics, and a highly automated, aesthetic and intuitive design to provide exceptional value to customers.

Asia Connection

Arctic Farming is looking to expand into the Asian markets, and consider Japan to be of particular interest, due to their innovative market, exceptional restaurant and hospitality culture and a demand for technologies in Controlled Environment Agriculture, including Vertical Farming. The company is hoping to connect with stakeholders that can assist piloting the product in Japan, as partners or as clients, and further help to expand their board of advisors and investors with fresh perspectives from the Japanese market.



Arctic Farming