Providing a handheld medical device for non-invasive monitoring of intracardiac pressure that helps reduce re-hospitalizations.

Helsingborg, Sweden
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EUR 1.6 million
Filip Peters, Jakob Gelberg, Kasper Bourdette
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Currently, the most accurate method for monitoring early signs of heart failure is to do a right heart catheterization or to insert an intracardiac pressure monitor within the patient's lung. Though right heart catheterization is a common and low-risk procedure, it is expensive, resource-intensive, and often highly uncomfortable for the already fragile heart failure patient. Invasive pressure monitors are very costly, limiting their applicability in the market.


Acorai has developed a handheld medical device for non-invasive monitoring of intracardiac pressures to help improve care, reduce hospitalizations due to heart failure, and lower mortality rates. The heart monitor's accuracy has been clinically proven to equal the current invasive standards in the market.

Measuring with Acorai only takes a few minutes and does not require a specialist team, dedicated room, or other equipment. The device is simply held onto the patient’s chest while data is collected by the five different sensors and analyzed with machine learning. The resulting intracardiac pressures are then displayed to the medical practitioner via the device's screen


Acorai has received strong appraisals from cardiologists, healthcare professionals, and healthcare economists, with ongoing dialogues with clinics, hospitals, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), Provider Networks (PNs), and insurance providers to bring the product into the markets. Acorai has been nominated to multiple competitions and has long-standing partnerships with leading Swedish, European, and US hospitals.


The Acorai team consists of people with deep knowledge within their fields. The management team has many years of knowledge in medical, IP, hardware, machine learning, software, commercialization, and marketing. Acorai also consists of professionals in clinical operations, regulatory strategy, product development, and finance.

Unique selling point

Acorai enables measuring intracardiac pressures non-invasively, something that today only is available through invasive procedures (e.g. requiring surgery). Acorai can help decrease mortality rates for heart failure patients, reduce costs and levels of re-hospitalizations significantly, and offer a better experience for the affected patients.

Asia Connection

Acorai targets several Asian markets in their roadmap, among them Japan, Korea, and China, and has ongoing activities to explore a presence in these markets. These are all large markets with aging populations and increasing prevalence of heart failure, to some extent driven by the westernization of lifestyles. The regulatory roadmap will make the Asian connection strongest with Japan (MDSAP member) and Korea (MDSAP Affiliate member).