The Plant Era

On a mission to develop the world’s best sports nutrition products.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Revenue size
EUR 200,000
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 10,000 - 99,999
Nicholas Orsini
Most relevant investors
Magnus Kjoeller Holdings, Pavan Katepalli, Colin Magne
Team size


Most sports nutrition brands, particularly in Asia, prioritize a low price and low quality ingredients catering to young males and excluding a core part of the population - females. Until now, there has been little to no innovation in the sports nutrition industry. Plant-based protein powders normally have terrible solubility, texture, and taste. Furthermore, plant-based diets can sometimes cause deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals.


The Plant Era’s products are designed to be the best-in-class possible products. They are currently offering one core product, and are launching two additional products in Q2 2023. Their core product, a plant-based protein powder, is organic, vegan, free from artificial sweeteners and designed to target common nutritional deficiencies. Moreover, the taste and solubility is extremely developed and supplements plant-based diets. In 2023, The Plant Era will launch a ready-to-drink protein smoothie, and oat-based protein bars.


The Plant Era’s historical customers in Japan have been women in their 20s to 30s, with a third being omnivores, a third being flexitarian, and a third being vegan.

The company has been selling in Japan for the last 18 months and is expected to launch in France in 2023. The Plant Era’s sales in Japan will be expanded to retail, in addition to their current online sales.


Nicholas Orsini, CEO, previously reported to Morgan Stanley’s highest level, and reporting directly to the CEO of the EMEA Real Estate department. He later worked at the venture capital fund, Blazar Capital for two years. Makoto Ozaki, President of their Japan operations, is the former Head of Marketing at Conde Naste Japan and Head of Emea at Cirque Du Soleil. Ryohei Tomioka, Creative Director, was the former Creative Director and Editor at Hypebeast, GQ, and Adidas. Jun Niokka, Head of Sales, was a former professional basketball player in the B.League and managed sales in various companies.

Unique selling point

The Plant Era’s products are the best-in-class and demonstrated by the usage of it amongst some of the world’s most talented athletes, including Chelsea striker, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Notable other professional athletes use the product on a regular basis. The products themselves stand on their own given the excellent taste, solubility, and texture.

Asia Connection

The Plant Era has established a strong presence in Japan, where they have served more than 1,000 customers. To further strengthen their presence in Japan, they are actively looking for the right investors to participate in their joint-venture effort in Japan.

The Plant Era is open to discussions surrounding investment, distribution, talent, and strategic partners for the future in China and South Korea.



The Plant Era