Enabling hormonal optimization with at-home, electrochemical saliva biomarking

Oulu, Finland
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EUR 23,000
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EUR 1.2 million
Marko Mäkinen, Tommi Kinnunen, Juuso Nissilä
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Hormones offer the best accessible data to monitor and analyze human performance and progress, the body’s condition and its response to life stimuli and stressors – but current lab-based testing is cumbersome, time consuming, costly and getting the results takes time. Infrequent testing and not understanding the context properly largely misses the true value that hormonal data can provide.


Summa enables cost-effective, accurate, non-invasive and longitudinal at-home hormonal monitoring with instant results by utilizing electrochemical sensing. Relevant contextual data is gathered on the side to deeply understand the interplay of stimuli / stressors and hormonal responses – and to be able to provide actionable insights.

Use cases for the hormones we support first, testosterone and cortisol, span from precise performance & recovery analytics to monitoring the effects of mental stress, active recovery methods, sleep, illnesses, macro- and micro-nutrition and more.

With longitudinal hormone + context monitoring and our growing dataset, we’re learning how today’s testosterone + cortisol levels correlate with tomorrow’s performance – up to a level where our neural network can predict tomorrow’s performance.


B2C: Summa already works with a growing number of Olympic and other elite athletes across multiple sports. Their solution is an ideal tool for professional athletes and their teams, as well as other high performers and biohackers looking to measure, monitor, analyze and predict the status, factors, circumstances and development of their performance abilities.

B2B: Summa has beta Customers across EU and USA, and are looking to enhance B2B sales channels.


Summa currently has 10 employees and full-time externals, including active senior advisors in sports tech, bio tech, IP and digital marketing, and a core team of experienced entrepreneurs with backgrounds spanning from creating physical / digital consumer products, health and biotech, and biostatistical modeling to mobile applications, design and content creation

Unique selling point

First-of-its-kind electrochemical consumer hormone test combined with AI enables user-friendly, comprehensive, long-term approach to evaluating human health & performance across multiple dimensions of functioning such as nutrition, rest, travel and load/stress management.

Asia Connection

We currently have strong connections to the US market, including some major sports stars and top-tier academic research partners that give us access to both cutting-edge athletics as well as biochemical, electrochemical and materials science know-how and resources.