StepUp Horse

A wearable device offering real-time data and insights to optimize racehorses’ physical condition and performance

Copenhagen, Denmark
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EUR 170,000
Amit Moriani & Charles Gayot
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Today, the trainers and riders face a lot of issues: Due to lack of data, racehorses are frequently over-trained, leading to injuries or deaths. In addition, 65% of racehorses develop respiratory issues like asthma and exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH), leading to poor performance and early retirement. The direct economic loss for trainers for a non-competing racehorse due to death is between EUR 200,000 - 500,000.


StepUp Horse has developed a wearable that sits around the horse thorax and provides data in real-time to a smartwatch and a phone app. It shows the trainers or riders the speed, stride frequency & length, distance covered, gait analysis and intensity data along with vital signs during and after exercise such as breathing, heart rate, recovery parameters, therefore offering an unmatched dataset for trainers or riders to take better decisions and remove guesswork resulting into limiting injuries and improve performances.

StepUp Horse’s extensive data set can also detect early signs of respiratory abnormalities and help trainers or riders to take care of horse health, ensuring horse welfare.


From a customer point of view, StepUp Horse has conducted research with more than 60 trainers and riders. They have received more than 25 letters of intent (LOIs) out of which 20 potential customers are waiting for pilot testing and are ready to buy the product. They have another 15 customers who are awaiting pilot testing before signing LOIs. StepUp Horse will first target the professional trainers and riders, who compete in the horse racing industry i.e., from flat racing and trotting disciplines, which has the biggest pain and to get the first customers.


StepUp Horse has built a globally-minded team with core competencies which will help them to achieve their goals and mission. Amit, CEO has 14 years of experience in B.D. & Sales. Charles, CTO, has 6 years of experience with wearables in the startup world. Sandies is a horse expert who has 20+ years of experience as a horse racing trainer.

Unique selling point

StepUp Horse is the first performance horse wearable able to track breathing during exercise, giving trainers objective data on parameters that are currently measured manually and precious information on how hard each exercise is for the horse.

Asia Connection

Horse racing is booming in Asia markets which is a good sign for the industry but this also means more and more horses are at the risk of getting injured or dying. StepUp Horse would like to enter these markets and make sure that every trainer and riders are able to digitalise their training, therefore leading to improving the welfare of the horses.



StepUp Horse