Developing food concepts based on patented mycoprotein (mushroom protein) and food industry sidestreams

Joensuu, Finland
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0 (pre-revenue)
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EUR 493,000
Henri Vanhanen, Juho Haveri-Heikkilä, Marta Cortina Escribano, Petri Kilpeläinen, Jarkko Hellström
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Natural Resources Institute Finland funded by Business Finland
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The first wave of alternative protein products were an important step towards more sustainable meat-free food production. However, these products were far from perfect - they often lacked appetizing flavor, scent, and/or texture, and frequently required imported ingredients with a high carbon footprint.


Natural Resources Institute Finland has filed a patent application for a mycoprotein (mushroom protein) technology that enables the production of premium food concepts at an affordable price for consumers and producers. Moreover, this new technology tackles some of the most important issues with the first wave of alternative proteins, namely: aroma, texture, nutritional value, and environmental impact. Production of Squee’s products use innovative technologies and proprietary gourmet mycoprotein that can be produced for lower costs to both consumers and the environment.


With its unique Nordic Cuisine concepts KERKKÄ and Reinbeer, Squee has gained traction in the major food fairs across the globe such as BIOFACH 2023, FOODEX JAPAN 2023 and Summer Fancy Food NY 2023. Squee is now exploring opportunities to be broadly available in gourmet stores and supermarkets.


The Squee team consists of four senior researchers with diverse experience, one international top chef and a seasoned food business and startup expert.

Unique selling point

Squee’s uniqueness lies in its team of cross-industry experts and its patented mycoprotein (mushroom protein) that provides an improved culinary experience for consumers while having a lower impact on the planet - and your wallet.

Asia Connection

Squee Foods is looking to expand into the East Asian markets. They are looking for strategic partnerships and investment partners from East Asia. Squee is currently produced in Finland, but they are seeking partners to expand production into Japan as a joint venture. Squee´s unique food concepts gained wide attention at FOODEX JAPAN 2023 getting excellent feedback from visitors at the stand (https://www.squee.fi/japan/). It is no surprise as Squee has strong umami taste from real mushrooms and mushroom protein encrusted with Japanese style panko to fit from fine dining to easy to devour Izakaya concepts. Squee´s team has formed R&D partnerships with Japanese research institutions and have R&D work experience in Japan - the team considers Japan to be of utmost interest when considering innovative and versatile food culture and market.