Sprout Dynamics

Providing AI controlled technology for industrial production of flaxseed, free from poison & microbiology hazard

Copenhagen, Denmark
Revenue size
EUR 120,000 expected in 2023
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 340,000
Iryna Gavrylova
Most relevant investors
Food-tech investors, seed-stage angels, and VCs
Team size



Superfood production is a highly fractured business that relies heavily on agricultural production. These techniques are easily replicable and thus not protected from an investment perspective. Furthermore, processes that depend on human labor carry a biohazard risk and not fully scalable.


Sprout Dynamics has developed a disruptive sprouting platform technology which enables mass production and sales of superfoods (a whole portfolio of sprouted seeds). Their innovative technology allows for a fully automated and infinitely scalable production of sprouted seeds, with full control of biohazards ensured. The solution is able to achieve global coverage by having replications of their fully automated production units in multiple locations, in the form of franchises, which can be securely managed from their Sprouting Control Center driven by AI.


Sprout Dynamics’ current pilot B2B market is mainly focused on the Nordic region, especially Sweden and Denmark, but also three major US retailers have shown interest in the product. Their key customers are the top three food service suppliers in the Nordics. Sprout Dynamics is actively looking to strengthen their presence internationally, and expect market entry into the USA or North-East Asia in the foreseeable future.


The core team behind Sprout Dynamics have more than 10 years of experience within their area of expertise. Two of the founders hold previous experience from developing a company up until exit, whilst they also have a world leading expert integrated in their team.

Unique selling point

The unique selling points of Sprout Dynamics’ disruptive technology is threefold.

1. Their technology provides guaranteed food safety, which traditionally has been the biggest fear in the sprouting industry.
2. Their solution is approximately 50% cheaper than their closest competitors.
3. The technology enables for infinite scalability, which enlarges the potential for sales revenue given larger sales volumes.

Asia Connection

East Asia is of particular interest for Sprout Dynamics, where they are exploring possibilities for extending their operational presence. They are actively looking for a high-end reputable investor to come onboard the companies’ journey, who can help get access into the Asian markets, and evaluate the possibilities of opening their next plant in North-East Asia. Furthermore, they are looking for equipment manufacturers to help optimize their future sprouting plants. The company has planned 10 plants of their own in the next 6-8 years, and expects to establish at least 30 franchisee owned plants before 2034.


Sprout Dynamics