Sani Nudge

Helping healthcare workers improve hygiene compliance for patient safety, reducing infections by more than 60%.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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0 (pre-revenue)
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Funding raised
EUR 2 million
Theis Jensen, Morten Egholm, Marco Bo Hansen
Most relevant investors
InQvation, Pre-seed investment (Equity)
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Hand hygiene compliance is one of the most critical patient safety measures in healthcare institutions. However, it is extremely difficult to know who is sanitizing their hands correctly.


Sani Nudge provides a data-driven hand hygiene measuring solution that provides valuable insights on employee hand hygiene habits and patient contact. The solution consists of wireless sensors and ID’s placed on employee name badges at sanitization points. The sensors record employees’ soap or sanitizer dispenser usage and direct patient interaction and transfer the data to a comprehensive user dashboard for analysis and follow-up.

Clinical tests have found that the Sani Nudge solution increases hand hygiene compliance twofold, reducing infections for both employees and patients, and decreasing employee absence due to illness.

Asia Connection

Multiple studies conducted across the healthcare sector demonstrates the relevance of Sani Nudge’s solutions in East Asia. In Japan, a group of researchers found suboptimal hygiene adherence in three of the hospitals they studied (see Journal of Hospital Medicine). In China, a study has shown that one multimodal hand hygiene implementation can increase compliance by as much as 20%. In South Korea, recent national policy indicates critical focus on hand hygiene improvements, which increases the demand for modern methods for implementation and surveillance.

Thus, Sani Nudge’s solutions have immense potential and demand throughout East Asia. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this is more relevant than ever.



Sani Nudge