Empowering automotive engineers by providing a modern, lightweight and flexible development platform.

Malmö, Sweden
Revenue size
EUR 100,000 - 499,999
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 900,000
Per Sigurdson, Aleksandar Filipov
Most relevant investors
Volvo Cars Tech Fund, Almi Invest
Team size


Developing software for vehicles with existing tooling is expensive, inflexible, and hinders efficient collaboration. Developers do not have feasible ways to get early feedback on their code and work in an agile process. Automotive brands have difficulties taking full ownership of their software due to their traditional hardware-centric approach that requires physical access to the electromechanical parts and limits early stage testing.


RemotiveLabs provides a flexible development platform that reduces friction for software engineers, enabling them to iterate faster and solve problems using best practice methodology. RemotiveLabs’ platform makes it easier for automotive brands to realize great ideas faster, take ownership of software development and testing, and collaborate more efficiently.

RemotiveLabs offers hardware-, language-, and process-agnostic software development tooling that gives modern software developers freedom to work in the programming language of their choice. This includes Python for Machine Learning/Data Science engineers, JavaScript for UX-prototyping, and C/C++/Rust for embedded engineers. This makes it easier for autotech companies to recruit the right type of engineers without prior autotech experience.


Among RemotiveLabs’ key customers is Volvo Cars, as well as several undisclosed autotech and tech companies. The tooling can run in vehicles and test rigs, and also enables cloud collaboration where engineers can collaborate/share data/code. The program is usable throughout the whole development process from early stage prototyping to late stage testing, and is licensed through a yearly subscription.


RemotiveLabs currently have an engineering team with an average experience of 15 years of building and delivering software products and services internationally. They have an experienced CMO along with a VP of Business Development with automotive experience from TAT (acquired by BlackBerry), BlackBerry/QNX, Mapillary (acquired by Facebook), and Annotell.

Unique selling point

RemotiveLabs make what used to be complex, inflexible, and expensive processes into agile, collaborative, and affordable ones. They reduce time by magnitudes when trying out new ideas, developing new products and helping engineers thrive in the process.

Asia Connection

The CEO, Per Sigurdson has previously lived in Tokyo and Beijing for three years in total, and has learned some Mandarin. The VP of Business Development has several years of experience making business and finding partners in China and Korea. RemotiveLabs are looking for distribution partners, clients, funding and new ideas from across the East Asian region.