Reinventing regenerative medicine by creating 3D printed living tissue made from artificial spider silk.

Riga, Latvia
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Jekaterina Romanova, Kristaps Jaudzems, Sandra Treide
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Every 10 minutes a person is added to the list of already +100,000 people, who are currently waiting for an organ transplant. But despite this urgent and only increasing need, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine procedures are largely stuck at an experimental level. There is a huge lack of reliable, biocompatible and affordable materials for production of artificial organ production, meaning that the entire healthcare system, and the millions of patients relying on this, are relegated to long waiting periods. Even when a transplant is actually accomplished, risks of rejection are high - often with fatal consequences.


PrintyMed is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with a unique, brave approach to engineering of tissue and organs. By using artificial spider silk to create 3D printed living tissue, PrintyMed can create bioartificial organs, parts and patches that combine superior mechanical robustness and biocompatibility. The potential usages range from skin repair, organ reconstruction, bone regeneration and mending of nerve damage - and as frontrunners of the innovative technologies, PrintyMed is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Having discovered this greatly appropriate biomaterial scaffold, the team hopes to significantly reduce hospitalization days for patients and provide an overall improvement of quality of life post-transplantation, with fewer rejections and higher comfort.


PrintyMed is hoping to accelerate the way regenerative medicine and tissue engineering is being perceived and implemented in many parts of the healthcare industry; cosmetic usages, coatings for medical devices, drug delivery systems, tissue regeneration and bioprinting.

In terms of customer development, they have signed their first LOI with a potential client, and have several more in the pipeline.


With an ideal combination of highly specialized expertise within spider silk research and commercialization of pharmaceutical businesses and medical technology, the founding team shares the common goal of wanting to better the life quality for millions of patients all over the world.

CEO Jekaterina Romanova has developed several deep-tech startups in the medical field, and is actively involved in the fast-emerging, Latvian entrepreneurship community.

CTO Kristaps Jaudzems is, as Head of the laboratory at the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, one of the most recognized forces in his field. He is highly specialized within spider silk, a material he has dedicated the last many years of his research to.

CMO Sandra Treide is the team’s medical expert and doctor, and brings more than 25 years of experience in the industry of pharmaceuticals, healthtech and medical devices.

Unique selling point

As the sole provider of 3D-printable spider silk fiber in the industry, PrintyMed offers a unique chemical modification of materials, allowing precise customization and tailored properties for various cell types - a method they have an exclusive patent license on. PrintyMed’s solution reduces rejection rates, provides superior comfort and is biodegradable, animal-free and bioprinting-friendly.

Asia Connection

PrintyMed is interested in connecting to investors, partners, clients from the entire region.