Setting new standards for privacy-preserving software solutions

Aarhus, Denmark
Revenue size
EUR 8 million
Year founded
Partisia Group: Partisia now a holding company (2008), Partisia Applications (2018), Partisia Infrastructure (2019)
Funding raised
No external investors in Partisia Group Soft Funding only
Kurt Nielsen, Peter Frandsen, Jakob Pagter, Ivan Damgård, Jesper Buus Nielsen, Claudio Orlandi, Emil Bremer Orloff, Partisia (the original company)
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Companies working in heavily regulated fields such as healthcare, research or banking find themselves restrained by not having access to software that can handle the often multi-tier security measures needed to store and share confidential data while being compliant with international data protection laws such as GDPR and APPI. This means that many companies feel obliged to go through third parties such as consultancy houses or public organizations, costing them precious time and money.


Partisia is pioneering the world of building, tailoring and offering high-security software by providing new standards for secure software solutions to process confidential, multi-participant information. Partisia is powered by broad sectoral experience and deep technical knowledge about various privacy-enhancing software solutions. This enables Partisia to accommodate a multitude of industries, companies and data-concerns in their innovative infrastructures, implementing e.g. Consent management, GDPR-compliance, cloud computing, blockchain-technology and secure multiparty computation.


Thanks to Partisia’s tailored approach, their solutions can be applied across a wide range of industries and sectors. Having worked on both private and public projects in international settings, Partisia’s team is skilled in always facilitating a close collaboration with partners and customers to make sure every need and requirement is covered. Customers includes International Committee of the Red Cross, Data for Good Foundation and other international organizations.


The team behind Partisia combines internationally renowned researchers and experts in advanced cryptography, business economics and software development as well as experiences in taking research ideas to the market. This broad combination of competences makes Partisia able to consistently deliver solutions that are rock solid as well as highly innovative.

Unique selling point

Partisia’s platform enables theoretical ideals of secure computation to meet practical implementation, delivered specifically to any customer or partner. Their ambitious, holistic solutions allow companies to focus on developing products and services on the best possible grounds, without being hindered by security breaches or precautionary principles.

Asia Connection

With Japan constituting one of the most active markets with regards to development of new technology, Partisia is looking for new partners who could benefit from utilizing their platform. Further, Partisia is also looking at the possibility of designing new solutions in a differently regulated market, hopefully opening up to more global collaborations and partnerships.