Nordic Brain Tech

Developing an easy-to-use and scientifically proven technology to help people predict and prevent brain disorders, from the comfort of your home.

Oslo, Norway
Revenue size
EUR 100,000 - 499,999
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 400,000
Cathrine Ro Heuch, Marcus Engebretsen, Stefan Borg, Anker Stubberud, Alexander Olsen, Erling Tronvik
Most relevant investors
Startup Lab, Business Angels, Inven2
Team size


1 billion people worldwide live with migraine, a complex neurological disease. There is a significant need for improved treatment and digital solutions to help patients manage their pain. Migraine not only causes pain but also affects the patient’s ability to work and function socially.


Nordic Brain Tech seeks to improve brain health and treat migraines and other neurological diseases using deep learning. With the development of remote, self-assisted biofeedback treatment for people with migraines, Nordic Brain Tech uses smartphones and wireless sensors to give the patient a personalized, effective treatment plan.

Nordic Brain Tech’s digital therapist switches the point of care to your home, enabling you to share your data and team up with your physician remotely. Nordic Brain Tech's first products include a headache diary for tracking headaches and biofeedback treatment for migraine patients to be used at home.


Nordic Brain Tech has broadly collaborated with public and private actors within the healthcare industry and the pharmaceutical industry.


Nordic Brain Tech’s team consists of people with expertise in neurology, neuropsychology, robotics, entrepreneurship and data science, genuinely concerned about all patients’ well-being.

The co-founders of Nordic Brain Tech are amongst Norway's leading headache experts with wide, international support. Nordic Brain Tech is a spin-off company from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, founded in 2019, and from this research frontier of neuroscience, Nordic Brain Tech is offering valid, digital technology, accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Unique selling point

Nordic Brain Tech makes effective treatment available to all patients. By using smartphone apps and wireless sensors, people can be treated from the comfort of their own homes. The products are user-centric and easy to use and have been built in collaboration with world-leading headache experts to generate clinical evidence. Our products empower individuals to take control of their own health through intelligent, affordable, and effective pain-reducing treatment, facilitating remote assistance from a physician.

Asia Connection

Nordic Brain Tech is currently seeking collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry and investors, across the East Asian region.


Nordic Brain Tech