Knowledge Gate Group

Accelerating life science innovation by facilitating meaningful knowledge exchange between organizations and experts

Copenhagen, Denmark
Revenue size
EUR 672.000
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 1.3 million
Viktoriya Vasilenko, Barney Vajda
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One of the biggest limitations to industries with a need for scientific input is constituted by a general segmentation of knowledge - unfortunately researchers, experts and their findings are often siloed, meaning that their efforts rarely unleash the impact that they are capable of. Due to various barriers such as geographical separation, sectoral disparities or simply obstacles within compliance, the entire life science industry is slowed down, affecting the millions of people waiting for innovation and breakthroughs in various areas within medtech or biopharma.


Knowledge Gate Group’s primary mission is to propel scientific innovation, by alleviating knowledge exchange between organizations looking for insights on a certain topic, and highly specialized experts in the relevant area. By leveraging AI-powered, real-time data, Knowledge Gate Group can consistently ensure identification of the most applicable subject matter experts, across all life science topics. Further, Knowledge Gate Group offers an interactive platform that allows browsing of local and international data, facilitation of video conferences and automated management of all contractual, compliance and confidentiality requirements.


As a B2B service, Knowledge Gate Group primarily caters to organizations in need of specialized scientific knowledge or consultancy on specific topics. Hence, customers range from small biotech startups to leading pharmaceutical companies, investment firms or academic institutions.


Knowledge Gate Group is powered by a team of experts passionate about life science and the acceleration of life science research. With diverse expertise within AI, software development, and sales, Knowledge Gate Group is dedicated to democratizing access to knowledge in order to drive life-changing innovation.

Unique selling point

Knowledge Gate Group offers a one-stop platform for organizations of varying sizes and activity levels, to access relevant, up-to-date knowledge on a wide range of specialized subjects within spanning across a broad range of scientific fields. Optimized by AI, clients are ensured a consistent level of relevancy, accuracy and services tailored to their exact needs.

Asia Connection

On several occasions, Knowledge Gate Group has worked with Asian companies and specifically establishing contact with Japanese medical professionals. They are highly interested in establishing a foothold in the region, to initiate closer collaboration on a commercial track, and hope to eventually establish offices directly in the region. Knowledge Gate Group envision life science, chemical and greentech companies to be the beachhead of their presence in the region and would therefore like to work towards establishing connections there.



Knowledge Gate Group