Non-invasive, continuous monitoring, Multiparametric sweat sensor for glucose and Key metabolite tracking for personalized diabetes, health & wellness monitoring.

Malmö, Sweden
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EUR 3 million
Sirisha Adimatyam and Poorna Dronamraju
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Vesa Lehtinen, Sony Innovation Fund
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There is a general lack of tools for personalized monitoring of health, wellness and fitness and early diabetes monitoring. Not many solutions to monitor key parameters like glucose, lactate and other key electrolytes from the surface of the skin and to make a comprehensive analysis of multiple parameters using AI powered Algo to understand the holistic health status and achieve unprecedented levels of health, wellness & fitness performance goals. Existing monitoring products available in the market for consumers are the regular finger prick devices which are painful to use, or the subcutaneous or implantable sensors placed underneath the skin, which makes the process quite expensive, and inconvenient.


With Innovosens AB’s SMASH-solution, the world’s first non-invasive sweat sensing technology, the user can monitor key bio parameters real-time, powered by AI and wearable sweat sensors, to reach optimal health and performance levels in life, sports and wellness.

By combining the power of technology and a passion for health care, Innovosens AB seeks to make personal health care data more accessible to patients, athletes and the health care professionals responsible for treating them. To do so, Innovosens AB is developing end-to-end solutions of flexible and ultrasensitive biosensing platforms, for rapid detection of various human metabolites, while connecting these biosensors with cloud and big data to ensure accuracy and better life quality of consumers.


Innovosens AB's target audience touches into both health and wellness; Sports physiologists, fitness enthusiasts, early diabetics, gestational, obese & health conscious individuals who aim to achieve personalized health & fitness goals through continuous monitoring of vitals & comprehensive analysis of multiple parameters.Target audiences will be companies involved in sports & exercise physiology, Biomarker research, Wearable tech companies and Diabetic and Nutritional App companies.

Target markets include Asia, EU & North America, where lifestyle diseases and diabetes are prevalent. Innovosens AB is conducting pilot studies with several reputed organizations, which includes Mayo Clinic, Polar Electro OY in Finland, University of Groningen and few other sports physiology labs in the USA.


The visionary and ambitious team behind Innovosens AB is composed of experts, with extensive experience within various MedTech projects and innovation. With core competencies in health and technology, Innovosens AB is dedicated to creating digital solutions that accelerates patient education, health visualization.

Sirisha Adimatyam: Sirisha Adimatyam is the Founder and CEO of Innovosnes. She possesses a Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and an MBA. Sirisha has around 20 years of industry experience in the IT Industry. Sirisha is responsible for the overall project for driving design, development of product, testing and CE Mark being at the front end. Sirisha will delegate the tasks to various team members.

Poorna Dronamraju: Poorna's experience lies in Product management in both hardware & software. Poorna is involved in design and development of devices and electronics and App development. Poorna will coordinate the activities related to the business feasibility study and Electronics development.

Prateek jain: Prateek possess expertise in developing and testing Medical technologies. His background is Microfluidics, which is relevant for Innovosens for Product development and testing. He has nearly 15 years of experience working for the Medical devices sector.

Ron Cook: The CMO of Innovosens AB INC, brings ample amount for experience into Marketing & PR and currently spear heading Marketing and sales activities.

Ishita Krishnatrey: A passionate researcher/Product Incharge, with a Phd into Electrochemistry, responsible for extensive research of sensors, electronics.

Unique selling point

Providing the world’s first AI-powered sweat sensing technology to allow unprecedented levels of performance, health and wellness goals by measuring glucose and lactate without use of any needle. Non-invasive monitoring is a huge paradigm shift for the market since it will eliminate the need for patients to prick their fingers or insert a sensor under the skin. This will also help us prevent and postpone health complications related to obesity, early diabetes, and injuries to athletes.

Asia Connection

Innovosens AB is interested in looking to the East Asian region for possibilities of finding new funding, partners and investors.