Uncovering health problems before they become chronic with a home saliva test kit.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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Funding raised
EUR 375,000
Huram Konjen, Christian Code
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Innovation Fund Denmark, European Regional Development Fund
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The pricey and time-consuming process of undertaking health tests for patients through their local medical practitioner is often demotivating, and paves the way for late diagnosis, chronic conditions or longer recovery periods.


Dianox’s saliva testing kit, Tell, enables broad measuring of levels of different vitamins, fat, hormones, minerals and salts, offering home testing in a convenient way without relying on blood samples and medical practitioners. Harnessing the data to map one's help over longer term can provide insights into avoiding potential chronic conditions (e.g. diabetes), lifestyle (e.g. stress), and age related disease (e.g. menopause).

The home saliva collection kit is sent to your home on demand, and once the sample has been provided, it can be returned to a lab with prepaid shipping. The test allows for key analytical insights to customers on their health, enabling and motivating individuals to improve their health.

The test is offered on a subscription based model to measure the levels of health indicators on a long term basis. Recent pressure on global healthcare systems due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has also spiked the demand for home diagnosing.


The team consists of bioengineers, software engineers, business and marketing experts. The CEO has a MSc in Digital Innovation and Management, and is a former life science consultant from Deloitte. The CTO has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and has scaled three cancer drugs from clinical to market stage.

Unique selling point

By using saliva testing Dianox ensures volumes of samples that drives down the cost of testing and creates a database to map out global metabolite levels to predict diseases with machine learning.

Asia Connection

The idea for Dianox originated during a workshop in Singapore in 2018 and matured at UNLEASH Shenzhen in China 2019. Therefore, the company was conceptualized with the East Asian populations in mind. Dianox is looking for funding, talent, R&D and new ideas.