On a mission to make drinking alcohol a healthier experience for everyone.

Copenhagen, Denmark
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EUR 200.000
Mads Emil Mikkelsen, Jeppe Malthe Mikkelsen, Mikkel Holstener Precht
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Innovation Fund Denmark
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While alcohol is considered to be an integral part of cultural and celebratory traditions all over the world, consuming alcohol often comes with a side of physical discomfort. More than 500 million people in East Asia alone are estimated to suffer from a genetic disorder of alcohol intolerance, causing unpleasant symptoms such as facial flushing, increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea and headache. The intolerance also carries with it an increased risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.


Alcolase has developed an enzyme-based dietary supplement that breaks down alcohol before it reaches the bloodstream. This will allow people with alcohol intolerance to enjoy alcoholic beverages in a healthier way, avoid social consequences for appearing redfaced, and participate in social gatherings without symptoms. It can also be used by people who want to enjoy alcohol in a healthier way.

Alcolase’s groundbreaking technology was developed in collaboration with experts from the Danish Technical University. It is currently patent pending and proof of concept has been achieved in the laboratory. The team owns the invention 100%.


Alcolase's mission is not based on being approved as a medicine, which has to be tested and approved by various medical agencies before being ready for the market. Instead, the aim is to be classified as a dietary supplement, making the solution more accessible for the users, and more manageable commercially.


The ambitions of Alcolase are brought to life by a dedicated team of experts within biotechnology, bioinformatics and molecular biomedicine. With a relevant academic background in life science, a strong entrepreneurial mindset and a mix of interesting industry experience, Alcolase is on a path to change the global alcohol culture for the better.

Unique selling point

Alcolase’s enzyme-based solution is the first ever formula that successfully survives the stomach’s acidic environment, enabling a breakdown of the toxins that causes alcohol flush for millions of people.

Asia Connection

With alcohol intolerance being so prominent in East Asia, Alcolase is planning to launch in this region. Alcolase is interested in exploring opportunities for finding new partners, investors and possibilities for distribution and production in the East Asian region.