ÄIO produces fats and oils that are economically viable, more time-efficient, uses fewer resources, and are overall more sustainable.

Tallinn, Estonia
Revenue size
0 (pre-revenue)
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 3 million
Nemailla Bonturi, Petri-Jaan Lahtvee
Most relevant investors
Nordic Foodtech VC and Voima Ventures
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Industrial usage of fats and oils is a massive, global market that is used in a wide range of products in different verticals - but their production is unarguably unsustainable in terms of CO2 emission, pesticides, loss of biodiversity and usage of land and water resources.


ÄIO upcycle locally sources sidestream materials to produce reliable B2B ingredients for food, feed, cosmetics and other oleochemical industries. Relying on a versatile and robust fermentation process, they have developed a circular methodology that allows production of alternatives to palm oil, coconut oil and animal fats; some of the most used, but also most damaging sources in the current industry. With capacity to produce tailor-made and specialty lipids, that is even price competitive to competitors’ palm oil , coconut oil or animal fat alternatives, ÄIO is set on paving the way for a greener, more resilient oleochemical solution.


ÄIO is currently co-developing with 50+ companies worldwide in food, feed, cosmetics, and chemical verticals. By Q1 2024, they will be applying for the Novel Food Permits in EU, USA, and Singapore, with an ambition to license their technology and strains globally.


ÄIO is led by a visionary female founder and a Professor with a proven track record in deep tech and grants. This duo is leading a team of nine experts in business development, marketing & sales, R&D, pilot plant production, regulation, and IP.

Unique selling point

ÄIO uses microbial fermentation to upcycle low-value substrates into sustainable industrial fats and oils that can replace the massively destructive usage of palm oil, coconut oil and animal fats.

Asia Connection

Overall, Japan offers a unique combination of culinary excellence and technological advancements that makes this market a highly attractive destination for ÄIO to expand their operations and tap into new opportunities. They are interested in finding local partners for co-development (future clients) and investors. ÄIO can offer the possibility of valorizing sidestreams from agriculture and industries into ingredients for food, feed, cosmetics, and chemicals. Therefore, it helps to tackle the challenge of producing essential molecules using a circular economy and up to 94% less land.