Providing a personalized medical history for people with chronic illness.

Drammen, Norway
Revenue size
0 (pre-revenue)
Year founded
2016 / 2022
Funding raised
EUR 150,000
Cathrine Finnebraaten
Most relevant investors
Innovasion Norge


Keeping track of the development of a person’s chronic illness can be difficult. Chronic patients and parents of children with chronic illnesses receive and send large amounts of information between various stakeholders, making it difficult to track which information has been shared with who. As a result, crucial information is sometimes not shared with relevant recipients, negatively impacting diagnosis and treatment.


RegIT has developed an app that makes it easy to track the progress of each individual patient's illness. On the app, caretakers are able to register relevant information, such as symptoms, mood, food consumption, etc. so that relatives can gather a more complete overview of the patient's situation. Centralizing information in such a structured manner makes it easier and faster for physicians to determine the correct diagnosis, and initiate treatment.

RegIT’s app also helps caretakers administer medicines, and other practical information. The relatives will also be able to see trends in the course of illness over time, and share and store this sensitive information safely.


RegIT’s primary customers are individuals with chronic illnesses, and parents of children with chronic illnesses. Their secondary customers are kindergartens and schools with children that have chronic illnesses.

RegIT’s app is currently only launched in Norway, but they are exploring the possibilities of expanding in the future.


The team consists of experienced people with broad experience from product and software development from industries spanning banking, energy, sports, CMS.

Unique selling point

A single, structured and secure place to store, manage, and share information about a patient's illness with relevant actors, in an easy to use and intuitive app.

Asia Connection

RegIT does not currently have any connection to the Asian market, but is interested in expanding their knowledge on the Asian market. They are thus looking for partners and potential clients across East Asia.