Doctor Professor

Making it easier to learn Japanese, Korean, and Chinese by using mnemonics and gamification.

Gothenburg, Sweden
Revenue size
EUR 1,000 - 10,000
Year founded
Funding raised
EUR 150,000
Tobias Sehlberg, Josef Brinck Davidsson
Most relevant investors
Vinnova- The Swedish Innovation Agency
Team size


Learning Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages is extremely time-consuming as it is necessary to learn 2000-3000 Chinese writing characters. Native-speaking students spend 12 years of schooling to achieve this objective, whereas the majority of non-native students rarely learn how to read and write at a qualified level.


Doctor Professor has developed an app that helps users memorize the meanings of Chinese writing characters as they are used in Chinese (simplified hanzi) and Japanese (kanji). Users learn in a playful way by engaging across three activities:
- STUDY illustrated and animated memory stories to learn the character meanings.
- PLAY a game to rehearse the character meanings.
- TEST yourself to keep your learning progress on track

In a scientific evaluation of the educational effects of Doctor Professor, both students and teachers expressed that it was both easier and more fun to learn Chinese writing characters with the app compared to other methods. In fact, the study showed that students learned Chinese writing characters 4 times faster by using the memory techniques and gamification methods provided by, Doctor Professor’s app.


Doctor professor has currently established business operations in Sweden, Taiwan, and Australia. Among Doctor Professor’s key customers are institutions such as the Taipei Language Institute, and Ipswich State High School, Queensland, Australia.


The team behind Doctor Professor consists of co-founder and CEO, Tobias Sehlberg, who holds a M.A. in Comparative Culture, which he obtained from International Christian University, Tokyo. Additionally, he has gained experience as a visiting researcher in Game-Based Learning, at Waseda University, Tokyo. Co-founder Josef Davidsson is Doctor Professor’s product designer with +15 years of experience in AD. Finally, Kenneth Andersson is an award-winning illustrator and children’s book writer regularly published in news outlets such as The Financial Times. He is responsible for the illustrations included in Doctor Professor’s learning material.

Unique selling point

Doctor Professor makes students laugh while learning 4 x faster.

Asia Connection

Founder Tobias Sehlberg has studied in Tokyo for 6 years and feels very attached to Japan. Doctor Professor is looking to expand its business operations in East Asia, where they are currently looking for partners and funding.


Doctor Professor