Angry Camel

Improving the accessibility of high quality, plant based food products, with an array of healthy, organic, and sustainable products based on chickpeas.

Malmö, Sweden
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EUR 80.000
Kotaiba Aal & Bakr Jahhan
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The food industry’s animal agriculture is a major contributor to environmental degradation, climate change and various public health pathologies. An increasing number of consumers are seeking plant-based alternatives, but many existing plant-based protein products are facing limitations, such as incomplete amino acid profiles, allergenic properties or high production costs.


Angry Camel has developed the world’s first organic chickpea protein isolate, which offers high purity, nutritional functionality, and great sensorial properties. With its rich source of essential amino acids, gluten-free and non-allergenic properties, the isolate is suitable for a wide range of consumers as a versatile alternative to animal-based and other plant-based proteins. Further, Angry Camel is using innovative technology to produce probiotics that can be stored at room temperature without sacrificing their potency, reducing the cost of the final product and significantly lowering the production’s environmental impact.


As a B2B company Angry Camel’s key customers are major brands in the food and beverage industry, looking for cost-effective plant-based protein alternatives, binding agents and shelf stable probiotic products. Angry Camel is initially launching in Skåne, but plans to expand their international presence through partnerships and collaborations, targeting the global food industry’s growing demand for sustainable food products.


With a diverse team of four scientists and experts in the field of biotechnology, food science, and food technology, Angry Camel brings a wealth of expertise to the innovative development of new plant-based products. The team consists of Phd. Kotaiba Aal, Dr. Sander Sieuwerts, Dr. Bart Smit and Bakr Jahhan, all dedicated to revolutionizing the food industry and improving health and quality of life for all.

Unique selling point

Angry Camel’s innovative outputs, including the world’s first organic chickpea protein isolate and shelf-stable probiotics, are enriching the market with plant-based solutions that are both sustainable, pure, versatile and cost-effective.

Asia Connection

Due to a growing demand for healthy, sustainable food products in the region, Angry Camel sees Asia as one of their most important markets. To fully take advantage of this opportunity to expand and grow internationally, Angry Camel is looking for opportunities to connect with potential partners and investors in the Asian market who can support their ambitions.


Angry Camel